Random Literary Fragments

Random written fragments from the collected flotsam of my life.

"Another passing unseen..." (17-Oct-1996)
"I seek to fill my hands..." (17-Feb-1997)
21 proofs that women love a man who cooks. (4-Mar-1997)
"A couple makes one odd..." (2-Jun-1997)
Fox. (3-Feb-1998)
Astral death. (6-Feb-1998)
February 7, 1998. (7-Feb-1998)
Terrified. (25-Feb-1998)
Endless. (16-Mar-1998)
Cried today. (07-May-1998)
Roof deck. (10-Nov-1998)
Lost identity. (21-Nov-1998)
Feverish. (23-Jan-1999)
Talon. (31-Mar-1999)
Fight-by-email. (23-Apr-1999)
Transparent. (30-May-1999)
Icon. (4-Jun-1999)
Curious. (26-Jun-1999)
A touch. (03-Aug-1999)
Venus. (16-Aug-1999)
Lost. (20-Aug-1999)
Closing doors not open. (28-Aug-1999)
Brackish. (25-Feb-2000)
Plaint. (13-Apr-2000)
Stillborn. (13-Apr-2000)
Funk. (14-Apr-2000)
Some things. (17-Apr-2000)
Precognition. (20-Apr-2000)
Regressive. (02-May-2000)
Grimm. (13-May-2000)
One. Two. (16-Mar-2002)
Little things. (27-Mar-2002)
Grey. (27-Mar-2002)
Rant. (01-Apr-2002)
NOT. (05-May-2002)
She calls. (05-May-2002)
Try harder. (05-May-2002)
You looked. (06-May-2002)
A thousand years old. (04-Aug-2003)
Prose. (20-Dec-2003)
Sinister opposite. (30-Dec-2003)
Intrigued. (03-Feb-2004)

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