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Approved Class Specification Documents

Audio Class

Audio Device Document 1.0

Audio Data Formats 1.0

Audio Terminal Types 1.0

USB MIDI Devices 1.0

Cable Working Group

Cable and Connector Class 1.0

Common Class (CCS)

Common Class Base Specification 1.0

CCS Feature Specification: Dynamic Logic-Devices 1.0

CCS Feature Specification: Logical-Devices 1.0

CCS Feature Specification: Notifications 1.0

CCS Feature Specification: Shared Endpoints 1.0

CCS Feature Specification: Version Descriptors 1.0

Communications Device Class

Class Definitions for Communication Devices 1.1
Communications Device Class 1.0

Device Firmware Upgrade Group

Device Firmware Upgrade 1.0

HID Class

HID Usage Tables Document 1.1
Human Interface Devices 1.1

HID Point of Sale Usage Tables 1.01


Monitor Device Document 1.0


Power Device Class Document 1.0

Physical Interface Devices

Device Class Definition for PID 1.0

Mass Storage

Mass Storage Bulk Only 1.0

Mass Storage Control/Bulk/Interrupt (CBI) Specification 1.0

Mass Storage Overview 1.0

Mass Storage UFI Command Specification 1.0

Printer Class

Printer Device Class Document

Draft Class Specification Documents

CCS Feature Specification: Interface Power Mgmt 1.0 rc1

Device Bay Controllers 0.9 rc5

IrDA Bridge Device

OpenUSBDI Specification 0.9

PC Legacy Compatability Specification

Device Class Definition for Content Security Devices

Content Security Method 1 - Basic Authentication Protocol

Content Security Method 2 - USB Digital Transmission Content Protection Implementation

Content Security Method 4 - Elliptic Curve Content Protection Protocols

Mass Storage Class Specification Overview

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