The Curious Eructation of
C. Scott Ananian

fiction (n): an untruth that is not a lie.

Gathered here are various ejecta from my checkered theatrical past.

The LaTeX style I used to typeset these seems to be much in-demand. (Certainly more so than the actual plays!) I've posted it for your download and use.

Ten-minute plays

Red Sky. (PDF) (PS) (CafePress) (15-Sep-2001, revised 15-Nov-2005)
A play set in a white room.


Next. (PDF) (PS) (30-May-1999, most recently revised 14-Nov-2005)
A cyclic fiction.
Mere Censors. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (19-Feb-1998)
A Shepard-esque love story.

Full-length works

Sumatra. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (begun 15-Feb-1997, completed 19-Jul-1997)

Shorter scribblings

Pu-239. (PDF) (PS) (11-Oct-1999)
An adaptation of a short story by Ken Kalfus.
Snake Circle. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (16-Jun-1998)
Rather recursive.
X. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (9-Feb-1998)
A man hangs in space, undefeated.
Love to Lucite. (PS) (7-Nov-1994?)
A short experimental piece based on the life of W. H. Auden.
More information is available.

Radio Plays

Short radio plays I've written; inspired by Max's Radio Drama gathering.

Split. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (11-Jan-1998)
An odd schizophrenic conspiracy.
Brushed Revolution. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (11-Dec-1996, revised 12-Jan-1998)
Oral hygiene is dangerously revolutionary.
Lisa. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (14-Jan-1998)
Life is complex. Part real, part imaginary.
Night Crossing. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (31-Jan-1998)
The echo of loneliness.

Course Work

A couple of fragments written for playwrighting classes.
Many of these are examples of constrained writing.

A 277-word Monologue. (Sep-1996)
Occult Orange. (2-Oct-1996)
Gratuitous Wellman references.
Two hops to infinity. (19-Nov-1996)
I was frustrated with the plot of this playlet, but I rather like the language...
Promise. (PDF) (PS) (TEXT) (5-May-1997, revised 22-Jan-1998)
A Beckett-esque treatment of the Noah story.

I've also put up some of my lighting design reviews from a class I took in the Spring of 1996. They may or may not be interesting to you. But they're interesting to me, especially as I reviewed "Daughters of Survival," which I now credit as the first real lighting design I ever did.

Reviews and essays from my Modern American Drama course in the Fall of 1996.

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