ENG347: Modern American Drama

C. Scott Ananian

This page contains some of my writings for ENG347 (Modern American Drama) in the Fall of 1996 at Princeton University. I'm fairly certain Michael Cadden taught the class. Reading back through my coursework now, I'm quite impressed with myself! Granted, a few minor typos, grammar lapses, and poor word choices and a lot of general naïveté is painfully evident now — I'm sure I would have corrected all these things at the time of writing except that I seem to recall it was invariably either very late at night or scant minutes before the time they were due.

First are a pair of theater reviews I'm quite proud of:

Next come a pair of papers on the plays of Arthur Miller and Sam Shepard:

Finally comes my final exam for the class, a pair of essays on "sight in the theater" (for O'Neill, Miller, Shepard, and Hwang) and "insider/outsider structuring" (for O'Neill, Albee, Wilson, and Williams).

I hope you've found something here that interests you!

C. Scott Ananian
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