sdr 0.7

Package net.cscott.sdr.anim

This package contains the 3d animation code, which uses the jME game engine.


Class Summary
AnimDancer An AnimDancer encapsulates all the information needed to display and animate a single dancer.
CheckerDancer CheckerDancer is an AnimDancer which displays a simple "square dance checker" model.
Game Base game class.
GameSettings This subclass of Settings contains the Game UI-specific parts of the settings.
Gauge A Gauge is a jme component that implements a thermometer-type indicator.
GradientTriangle GradientTriangle is a triangle shape with texture coordinates suitable for a gradient giving an outline.
MenuArrow MenuArrow is a GradientTriangle which is sized and textured appropriately for use in the MenuState.
MenuItem A MenuItem is one row of the MenuState.
MenuState The MenuState displays a cursor on the screen and an appropriate menu of options.
MusicState MusicState handles the "scrolling notes" display at the bottom of the screen.
RedOval RedOval is the background shape for the menu: a semi-transparent red rectangle with rounded edges.
SdrBaseGame Deprecated. Replaced by Game.
SdrFirstPersonHandler FirsPersonController defines an InputHandler that sets input to be controlled similar to First Person Shooting games.
SdrGame Deprecated. This was the original implementation; replaced by Game.
SilentBeatTimer The SilentBeatTimer generates beats from a wall clock: it is not synchronized to any music source.
Star Star defines a N-sided, two dimensional star.
TexturedQuad A "TexturedQuad" is textured with a BufferedImage which the client can draw into.
TextureText TextureText renders text to a textured quad.
VenueState The VenueState is in charge of showing the background venue and controlling the camera.

Enum Summary
TextureText.JustifyX An enumeration of horizontal justification options.
TextureText.JustifyY An enumeration of vertical justification options.

Package net.cscott.sdr.anim Description

This package contains the 3d animation code, which uses the jME game engine. The main entry point is Game.

sdr 0.7

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