Dr. C. Scott Ananian

I'm running for Brookline Town Meeting with a fantastic slate of progressive candidates! Find out all about them at brooklinep10.com and don't forget to vote for these folks on Tuesday, May 3, 2022!

My campaign website is at ScottForBrookline.org.

I'm endorsed by the Brookline Equity Coalition and Brookline for Everyone. Please vote for the candidates these groups have endorsed!.

I'm also included in a list of Town difference-makers, which includes members of the School Committee, Housing Advisory Board, the chair of the Library Board of Trustees, the chair of the Town's Green Caucus, the chair of the Zero Emissions Advisory Board, the former acting chair of the Diversity, Inclusion & Community Relations Commission, and others who have been effective advocates for equity, the schools, library, climate, housing, and fiscal oversight in our Town. You can find out more about that list here, and I'd strongly recommend a vote for all of those listed as well.

Please read "Why Progressives Should Be Wary of Brookline By Design".

I submitted a position statement to Biking Brookline which you can read, although they are not making endorsements this year.

More information about all candidates running in the May 3, 2022 election can be found in the Brookline LWV Voter's Guide.

My day job is over at the Wikimedia Foundation; my user page there has most of my recent technical talks and thoughts.

In 2021, I ran for Moderator of Brookline Town Meeting. Some more information about me and my positions on Brookline issues can be found on that site.

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