Purchasable stuff created by
C. Scott Ananian

I've made a few cool things you can buy from Zazzle:

I've also made a few things on CafePress:

XO painting
A painting of the OLPC XO
Mars painting
Mars painting
Dog bone painting
Dog bone mugs
Mallard stained glass
Stained glass mallard cups and shirts!
Highway sign photo
Be sure to test your software!
Photo of Lotte and Smokin
What cute dogs!
Book cover photo
A short play about relationships.
Book cover photo
A short play about books.
Book cover photo
My mother's book: Here Am I, Lord—Send Someone Else!.
Yellow Square Dancers
Yellow Square Dancers (2 of 4)
Blue Square Dancers
Blue Square Dancers (3 of 4)
Green Square Dancers
Green Square Dancers (4 of 4)
Red Square Dancers
Red Square Dancers (1 of 4)
Stars and Spirals forever
Stars and Spirals Forever!

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