Anti-UCITA resource page

This page has been set up to provide anti-UCITA activism resources; especially for users running non-Microsoft operating systems (the original NCCUSL address lists were in Microsoft-only formats as distributed).

NOTE THAT UCITA HAS BEEN PASSED. The Infoworld and NCCUSL petitions are no longer open.

Richard Stallman has posted a Linux Today article (6 Feb 2000) on the current UCITA fight. He explains what needs to be done next, now that UCITA has passed the NCCUSL:
If you want to help the fight against UCITA, by meeting with state legislators in your state, send mail to Skip Lockwood He can tell you how to contriute effectively. Volunteers are needed most urgently in Virginia and Maryland, but California and Oklahoma are coming soon. There will probably be a battle in every state sooner or later.

The battle in Virginia and Maryland has begun. If you live in VA or MD, call, fax, or write your state legislators immediately:

For more information on UCITA, please see:

The resources on this site are transcriptions of the Microsoft Word formatted documents at the Society for Information Management advocacy site, which you will probably want to visit for background. The original transcriptions were done by Caolan McNamara's MSWordView program, and then cleaned up by hand. What's here:

If it's email or nothing, write to, including your name, title, company, city, and state along with the following petition:

"In light of the concerns previously expressed over proposed UCC Article 2B by a variety of interest groups, and the lack of time such groups have had to study and respond to its new reincarnation as a uniform act, the undersigned urge the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws to not approve the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act at this time."
InfoWorld will gather up the petition emails and present them to the NCCUSL commisioners when they meet in Denver in July. InfoWorld's site has more information on the email petition.