sdr 0.7

Package net.cscott.sdr.util

This package contains useful utility code.


Interface Summary
Tools.ListMultiMap<K,V> An instance of a MultiMap where the contained collections are Lists.
Tools.SetMultiMap<K,V> An instance of a MultiMap where the contained collections are Sets.

Class Summary
Bezier Utility methods for efficiently evaluating bezier curves.
Bezier.Bezier2D Bundle bezier parameters together into an object
Box An orthogonal box, with sides parallel to the x and y axes.
Fraction Fraction is a Number which implements exact arithmetic on fractions.
Interval An interval between two Fractions.
ListUtils Convenience functions for lists and strings.
LL<T> Persistent Linked List.
Point A 2D point, where x and y coordinate are Fractions.
SdrToString Custom ToStringStyle which is similar to the ToStringStyle.MULTI_LINE_STYLE but suppresses the identity hash code component, which can cause problems with doctests.
StringEscapeUtils A fixed cut-down version of StringEscapeUtils.
Tools Utility functions to facilitate map and list creation.
Tools.F<A,B> Convenience alias for FilterIterator.Filter.

Package net.cscott.sdr.util Description

This package contains useful utility code. In particular, our exact rational arithmetic package is here (in the Fraction class), as well as some classes using our rational numbers to represent Intervals, Points, and Boxes. Some attempts to reduce the verbosity of map and list creation and manipulation are in Tools and ListUtils.

sdr 0.7

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