A Linux port of Bill Ackermann's square dance caller's helper

C. Scott Ananian

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Bill Ackermann has written a wonderful program to verify square dance choreography, called Sd. Stephen Gildea wrote an X11 UI for it, way back when, but it suffered code rot. I replaced this with a new UI for Unix and Linux systems, using the GTK+-2.0 libraries.

My modifications get slowly fed back into the "official" Sd sources, available from Bill. But for the impatient, here are my sources. Sd is licensed under the GNU GPL.

At the moment, I'm providing source code only; I could probably be convinced to create Debian binary packages for these if demand warrants (email me to make your demands). To build, look at the top of makefile.linux for package dependencies, and then make -f makefile.linux when you've installed the required libraries.

There's also a makefile which uses Winelib to build the "official" Windows UI to run on Linux. But frankly, you're better off using the official Windows binaries and just running them under the WINE Windows emulator directly.

And, for the really brave, there's a "web ui" of Sd available in my sources which creates a simple web server out of Sd. You can then access Sd via the web on your cell phone or other portable device.

Source code / Version Archive

I maintain a CVS archive of both Bill's canonical sources (on a vendor branch) as well as my modifications. So old versions going back to 36.56 are available upon request. I'll just keep the last few versions here.

Sd 37.0, released 5-Dec-2006.

Sd 36.81, released 31-Oct-2006.

C. Scott Ananian

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