Play Square Dance Revolution!
A Square Dance Calling Game

C. Scott Ananian

To play Square Dance Revolution, you must download the application which is deployed using JavaTM Web Start (JAWS).

Help: If you do not have JAWS

The first time you play Square Dance Revolution, the application will be downloaded onto your local machine. If you want to play SDR again in the future, you can either launch the application from this website or from your local copy.

If you believe that you have JAWS installed and you would like to to launch Square Dance Revolution:

  1. Use this link to launch Square Dance Revolution
  2. If your browser asks you if you would like to download or open sdr.jnlp, then you do not have JAWS installed and you should try following the instructions above to get JAWS.

Once you start up Square Dance Revolution, you'll see a new game dialog like the one below:

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C. Scott Ananian

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