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Subject: [BGAN-FTAA] [Fwd: FTAA police crackdown]

Hi, everyone.  I'm told that this message, reporting on what's happening
under the watch of our friend Police Chief Timoney in Miami, became
gobbledygook when I last tried to send it--hope this works better.  -mat

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Subject: FTAA police crackdown
From:    "Max Rameau" <max>
Date:    Sun, October 19, 2003 3:18 pm
To:      max

Greetings All:

Two important security related updates:

First, we recently discovered how Miami police are planning to enforce the
proposed anti-demonstration law.

Police are planning on searching people as they try to get off of trains 
and buses to determine if they are carrying any outlawed objects, such  as
sticks, anything with pointed ends, super soakers, scissors or any  kind
of glass, etc. These will be like airport searches in reverse- they  get
you when you are getting off.

Targeted will be the downtown Miami metro-rail system, the Tri-Rail 
train, public buses and even greyhound buses. Those with banned items  who
are suspected of being demonstrators will face arrest. It is not clear
these searches will be limited to inside city of Miami city limits.

Second, some activists were in downtown Miami giving businesses flyers 
with information about the FTAA, some businesses even agreed to post the 
flyer on the wall for customers to see. Returning a few days later, the 
owner of one of the businesses informed an activist that the police 
noticed the flyer on the wall, confiscated it and demanded a description 
of the person(s) who left the flyer. The cops then went door to door to
all the businesses demanding their flyers and descriptions of the 
activist(s) involved.

Miami police are bent on making sure no information is shared about the 
FTAA unless it totes the official government line. They have stepped up 
the campaign and are resorting to intimidation and scare tactics for  both
the activists AND the recipient of the information. What business  will be
willing to post FTAA information if they know it will result in  visits
and interrogations from the cops?

The police are not intimidating those pushing for the FTAA or
investigating those businesses who are speaking out in support of FTAA. 
The truth is the police are not the objective third party who are only
interested in keeping the peace- they are part of the pro-FTAA team and
are fulfilling their role by crushing opposition and intimidating those
listening to the opposition.

We are urging those leafleting or otherwise participating in FTAA  related
events to remember that the police are actively against us and  to take
all necessary precautions, including staying together in groups  and
watching out for who is watching you.

We need help in identifying who can take these kinds of complaints over
the phone and email. Please email back if you can provide such support.


Max Rameau

Miami Workers Center



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