Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 18:39:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall
Subject: Re: [Diebold-CD] Wired's Kim Zetter: E-Vote Firm's Bill Comes Due

Here's what Joseph Holder said (he seems to be responsible for
bringing this to the attention of the CA sec. of state via his faxing
of memos):

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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:33:38 -0800
From: Joseph Holder
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Subject: Kim Zetter's latest article: E-Vote Firm's Bill Comes Due

Kim Zetter from attended yesterday's Voting Panel meeting
(the only press there). The following article is the result. I would
add one correction to it. On Nov. 5 I faxed a copy of a Diebold Memo
to Mark Kyle, Undersecretary of State, and chair of the Voting Panel.
The Memo is dated Oct. 28, 2002 (I have another Memo that states the
same information) and is from a Diebold technician named Robert Chen.
He lists the current software versions that Alameda County is using
for the upcoming Nov. 2002 election. He lists BS (Ballot Station)
4.3.11; GEMS 1.18.14; NT 4.0 6a. Kim was under the impression that
they used GEMS 1.17 in Nov. 2002. She reports that GEMS 1.18.18 was
not federally certified till July, 2003. I have already written to her
to alert her to that.

I will also point out that the Memo I sent to Mark also reveals two
other critical matters; the technician reports that he was able to go
into the Ballot Station through the use of WinCE and alter the GEMHOST
settings (that is, change the IP address that the Ballot Station calls
to upload the vote data); and he was able to communicate and upload
using his LAPTOP to the central vote tabulating station (the county's
central GEMS server). That means that a person at the precinct can
access the central GEMS server and can access the Ballot Station,
which means that by using Microsoft Access they can access the data
base (the actual vote storage files) at the election central in
Alameda County. The memo is titled: RE: AVTS modem upload BS 4.3.11

The thread is in the time frame of Oct. 28, 2002 to Nov. 1, 2002

The implications are serious. It is by such communication abilities
that a second memory card could have been uploaded in Volusia County,
Florida in the 2000 election and suddenly credit Gore with 16,000
negative votes. This also means that actual votes can be altered at
both the Ballot Station level and at the GEMS server level, from the
precinct (or remotely if the BS is equipped with wireless modems,
which they are in some localities). All of this ability will sail
through ITA testing, for it already has. The Trojan Horse is already
here. Jody

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